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6 Biggest Barcelona Losses: Worst Barcelona Defeats

6 Biggest Barcelona Losses

Do you know the six biggest Barcelona losses? Barcelona are usually not a team that likes to lose but they also have bad days. One of the most prestigious teams in Europe, a footballing giant and home to numerous legends of the game – Barca’s most prolific period in football has given us a few surprises. 

In recent times, we have seen the club achieve great success at all levels but fans have been humbled a few times by rival sides. Remember Bayern Munich’s 8-2 battering in the Champions League semi-finals in 2020? That is one memory that fans would like to forget among many others. Watch & Bet Here =>

Here, we have listed six of the biggest Barcelona losses in the club’s entire history. That means games in which Barcelona have conceded the most goals or were humiliated beyond recognition. Let’s find out 6 Barcelona biggest losses: 

6 Biggest Barcelona Losses: Worst Barcelona Defeats

Top 6 Biggest Barcelona Losses

What are the six biggest Barcelona losses? From ranging to the European Cup final in 1994 to the Champions League semi-final in 2020, here are the six biggest Barcelona losses recorded in club’s history – Watch & Bet Here =>

6. AC Milan 4-0 Barcelona (1994, European Final)

One of those evenings that unquestionably didn’t pursue the content. Barcelona were returning off of an extraordinary fourth progressive league title win, and had won the European Cup just a few seasons prior. AC Milan were going into the match without Gullit, van Basten, Baresi or Rijkaard. There was no chance the drained Milan side was to give a battle to the footballing insurgency that was the Dream Team and the strategic virtuoso that was Cruyff.

5 Barcelona biggest losses

As a staff part stated, Barcelona were not going into the match to battle for the trophy. They were simply going there to gather it. It is as ideal an instance of presumptuousness stomping in a group’s taken shots at progress as any you’ll discover in football. The group hadn’t sufficiently arranged, it needed focus but then, the inclination in the changing area and even over the world was that there was no possibility they would lose. Just half a month later, a training staff part would state there was no way of them winning that night. As Cruyff commented, “It was not excessively we played badly, it was that we didn’t play by any means.”

The match denoted the finish of a time. A.C. Milan, known for its protective solidarity tore through the resistance as they totally overwhelmed the midfield through Desailly. There wasn’t even a challenge, and it stays one of the most significant European finals ever, and for all inappropriate purposes behind FC Barcelona.

5. Bayern Munich 7-0 Barcelona (2013 Champions League semi-final)

Bayern Munich had recently entered the record books by winning the German League by a record edge, being delegated champions a month and a half before the last matchday. Barcelona were searching for approaches to bob back, attempting to adapt up to the takeoff of Pep toward the beginning of the period that denoted the finish of time. By chance, he had been reported as Bayern’s director, to take the rule from the following season start.

Definitely, it looked a genuinely even undertaking with the scales tipping just somewhat in the support of the Germans. Be that as it may, Jupp’s splendour implied the final product was an impression of something different. Still hurt from the earlier year’s last misfortune, a strategic masterclass saw Bayern overwhelm the match with under 40% of possession. They were immediate, conclusive, and penetrated the barrier like a slug. They could without much of a stretch have had more, with Robben seething through the wings, Muller moving around the safeguards, having them at his leniency and Martinez snapping lower legs and surfing forward with entering runs.

Not many groups have commanded Barcelona like Bayern did on those match days. They would add on another three in the subsequent leg and proceeded to win the competition in Wembley against Dortmund. Barcelona fans still recall the bad dream and it has stood out forever as one of the most exceedingly terrible total scores in Barcelona’s European history. In spite of the fact that they won the La Liga, the memory of the misfortune far eclipsed the delight of domestic triumph.

6 Biggest Barcelona Losses: Worst Barcelona Defeats

4. Sevilla 11-1 Barcelona (1940 La Liga)

Despite the fact that it is hard to envision Barcelona losing nowadays, let alone by 11 goals to one, Sevilla figured out how to accomplish this accomplishment path, thinking back to the 1940-1941 La Liga season.

Barcelona had led the match in the tenth minute just to be destroyed with a flood of goals from Sevilla, who began scoring in the 23rd minute and scored their last one in the 83rd minute, completing with eleven goals to Barcelona’s one.

In spite of this substantial thrashing, Barcelona wound up fourth while Sevilla completed fifth in the league.

3. Real Madrid 8-2 Barcelona (1935 La Liga)

Having not lost to Barcelona in 4 years, Real Madrid embarrassed Barcelona in an 8-2 triumph. Jamie Lazcano opened the scoring in the fourteenth minute and packed away a hattrick. Sañudo finished the night with 4 goals, the most a player has ever scored when the different sides have met.

Regueiro additionally figured out how to get his name on the score sheet. This is the biggest goal difference of triumph between the two clubs in a professional game.

2. Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona (1943, Copa del Rey semi-final)

biggest Barcelona defeats

This is the worst defeat for Barcelona against their arch-rivals Real Madrid. It was the most disappointing defeat for Barca after 1931’s 12-1 defeat to Athletic Club. In 1943 Copa del Rey, Real and Barça faced each other in the semifinals. The first leg game went to Barca with a 3-0 victory at Camp Nou but the second leg offered a big setback. Real Madrid had the pressure to secure a big win at home and they did it.

The former Madrid goalkeeper strongly criticized the referee for preventing Sabino Barinaga from scoring. Barcelona’s goalkeeper said about the strange match: “There was no rivalry. Not, at least, until that game.”

There is a story in this game that the wife of the Barcelona goalkeeper went to the cinema with her friends on match day and she fainted when she found out that her husband had conceded 11 goals. Enrique Pineyro, Marques de la Mesa de Asta, president of Barcelona, and Antonio Santos Peralba, president of Real Madrid, were forced to resign.

1. Bayern Munich 8-2 Barcelona (2020 Champions League Quarter-Final)

6 Biggest Barcelona Losses Worst Barcelona Defeats

Barcelona faced one of its darkest days in football history at Lisbon on 14th August 2020. A Champions League quarter-final tie that already had the odds stacked against them turned into a complete nightmare with Quique Setien in charge. Bayern Munich thrashed them 8-2 in a single game, as opposed to the usual double-legged ties in the competition.

It was an unending night for the Blaugrana faithful as Bayern packed on the punishment right from the start. Luis Suarez tried to inspire a comeback with a brilliant second goal but it was far too late by then. To add to the horror, Barcelona’s record signing, Philippe Coutinho scored a brace for Bayern and even assisted one goal. This will go down as one of the biggest Barcelona losses with Lionel Messi captaining the side. Watch & Bet Here =>

6 Biggest Barcelona Losses: Worst Barcelona Defeats

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