Kevin de Bruyne Doesn't 'Really Care' About Messi To Man City Next Season

Kevin de Bruyne has provided his take on Lionel Messi possibly coming to Manchester City next season.

It’s a very interesting response he gave, stating clearly that he ‘doesn’t really care’ whether the Barcelona legend comes to Etihad Stadium or not.

Just up till a few months ago, there had been heavy speculations behind Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona on a free transfer and Manchester City was the top contender.

“I don’t really care to be honest. If he comes it’s a good thing, if he doesn’t there is enough good players at the club who I enjoy playing with, so that is not for now.”

De Bruyne stated; “I am very happy at the club, I can say now I have not spoken once to the club so I don’t know why people are saying I have already agreed to something. I always told everybody I am really happy at the club and I feel comfortable.”

“So if the people at the club want to talk to me I am open to that and we will see what happens. But at the moment nothing has happened so I just get on with the way it goes.”

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