Messi must accept changing role or...

Messi and Barcelona go hand in hand.

At least that is how it has been for the last decade. The man defines the club. So it is no surprise that in the upcoming new election, the main agenda of everyone running is to talk about their plan of how they will approach the Messi situation.

One presidential candidate Vilajoana has said that Messi has talked about how Lionel has to accept his changed role at the club.

Vilajoana told AS: “I don’t believe in toxic players. The issue is how the players adapt to the group and the group to a player like Messi. The roles of the players change.

“Messi has to adopt another role, which is not that of the first ten years. And that is a task for the coach, the teammates and, mainly, Messi. They ask me about Leo Messi and I always say: the first one to ask is Messi.

“Ask him if he wants to continue playing for the best club in the world, which is Barça. Let’s see what he answers and, if on the 24th I’m president, explain to him what his role should be in the last years of his sports career.”

It now remains to be seen how Messi will react to these statements if Barcelona do get Vilajoana become president.

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