Suarez has hopes up for a Barca contract extension

Barcelona’s striker Luis Suarez is keeping his hopes up for a new contract with Barcelona, and aims for an extension with the club.

Although there’s still a lot of time left – the striker still has 18 months to go before his contract ends with the Blaugranes – Suarez wants to make sure his place his secured even after the deal ends. He has shown impressive stats this season – with 13 goals across this year.

I am very happy at the club,” Suárez told Sport. “I have always given my all. The statistics and the numbers back that up, I think I am still at the top of my game and when it’s time to talk, we will come to an [agreement].”

“I always said personal challenges have to be left to one side, but in this case, with so few [goals] to overtake a historic player like Kubala, you feel very proud,” he added.

“Second place is obviously a more difficult challenge, but that doesn’t take it out of sight. You always try to do what you can. The first place is unreachable, but it’s exciting to be able to get close to César’s figures.” 

“Statistics and numbers support me, I think I am up ready to talk about an extension and a new deal will come to fruition.”

What do you think – will Barca keep him on?

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