Barcelona face difficulty in registering Gavi to their first team

Without some exits, Barcelona won’t be able to register Gavi for the first team.

During the current World Cup in Qatar, some young athletes made an impact on the grandest stage. Few people, nevertheless, can assert that they have a gift with a ceiling as high as Gavi’s.

After losing to Morocco, Spain’s national team is no longer participating in the competition, but it is difficult to forget the influence the adolescent sensation had on fans all around the world. He captured the hearts of people all around the world while representing his nation because of his unbridled zeal and never-say-die attitude.

Gavi’s contract has not yet been formally renewed by Barcelona, who have also yet to add him to the starting lineup. This is mostly due to the fact that there isn’t enough room on the economic roster and players will need to go in order for it to be feasible.

Normally, Gavi’s condition wouldn’t be an issue in the midst of the season, but it is now because of his outstanding performance at the World Cup. Xavi will want the teenager’s future at Barcelona to be secured with a first-team contract since his market value is higher than it has ever been.

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