Setien On How The 5 Substitution Rule Will Wreck Barca

There has been a change in the substitution rules in La Liga – and Barca boss Quique Setien is worried that it will cause damage to the Catalan club.

The temporary rule now allows 5 substitutions instead of the previously set 3 substitutions. However, Setien is worried that opponents will be at an advantage by having the chance to keep changing up their players often, while Barcelona’s first team fitness is up to the mark – so Setien isn’t keen on substituting.

“I think this will do us more harm than good,” Setien told Sport.

“Many games are resolved in the final minutes and with this change rivals will be able to have more fresh players in this phase of the match, where we tend to take advantage of this fatigue.”

“We’re working very hard. We thought we’d have more time to train in a group,” Setien said. “One thing we couldn’t do was go into the video room together to review tactical concepts that are important.

“Being so long without playing is a motivation in itself. The situation has allowed players to rest mentally and eliminate stress.”

Barcelona as of now is at the top of the La Liga table, merely 2 points ahead of rivals Real Madrid – so no wonder Setien is not comfortable with this rule.

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